2 comments on “Lefthandedness

  1. I am also left-handed. I am studying Japanese in college right now, and I have had trouble learning to write kanji because my teachers are right-handed. According to my teachers, most Japanese people who are left-handed learn to write right-handed. I have also heard that kanji are meant to be written with the right hand, too. Is this true?

    • That is correct, for several reasons. But whether in Japan or in the US, left handedness in the Japanese, and even Hawaiian culture is frowned upon at the very least. I do not know if my grandparnts really had kanji in mind, but maybe a higher spirit was guiding them. For most Westerners, the whole idea of kanji, opening a book backwards, and turning the pages in reverse, are totally foreign, whether righty or lefty. Kanji can be written with either hand, as witnessed by some of the famous Japanese artists, who were left handed. Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

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