4 comments on “Speak to Me!

  1. I enjoyed reading this post! Haha am a fan of languages too. Am actually taking French as my major and German as my minor. But I was so interested in European languages that I also took basic Spanish and Russian. 😂 Russian was sooooo interesting. It’s unique and I love it but hadn’t the chance to focus on it since I’m working on my French fluency.

    As for Japanese, I badly want to understand watching anime without subtitles. Lol! :)) I enrolled in a course but stopped at hiragana and katakana. I figured it’s hard to work on my fluency if I try to learn many languages at the same time but soon, I really want to continue leaening Jap! 😁

    Thanks for sharing this post, it’s witty and informative 😊

    • Thank you so very much!!!! Yes, I would concentrate on one at a time. I tend to focus on the one where I am headed. The Russian was in prep for the Trans Siberian, for example. Best of luck to you!

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