4 comments on “Close that Airspace!

  1. Interesting about China, but how does that jive with the fact that you can fly to Beijing or many other Chinese cities?

    On Russia, I’m pretty sure Russian airspace opened to commercial travel after the fall of the USSR, so up until now, it has been possible to fly over Russian airspace since 1990. That’s a big part of why Anchorage is no longer the layover capital it used to be (along with increased fuel efficiency in the planes used for the flights).

  2. I just know the Koreans will not fly over China. And they are very wary of flying over Russia, except to Vladivostok which is on the coast, and can be reached via the ocean.

    • I think this was more true in the past than it is today; according to KA they fly to various cities across China and fly regular service across Russia on all of their European routes (including Moscow). Would not doubt that there is a certain amount of caution or leeriness involved, not questioning that, but, that aside, they do fly the routes.


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