4 comments on “How BIG Is LA?

  1. Since when are DC and Boston easy to drive? DC has a longer average commute time than Los Angeles; I once had it take more than 2 hours to get from near McLean to Rockville (without traffic, that’s 30 minutes). Parking in town is virtually impossible. Unlike LA, there are no dispersed centers of employment, everyone is going to the same place at the same time. And the DC government can’t really do much more to address it because the Organic Act that allowed DC home rule also barred anything that could be construed as a “commuter tax” – so no congestion zones, no bridge tolls, etc. that most cities use to help mitigate congestion.

    Boston…is the rare city I do not drive into, 1) because while Massachusetts drivers aren’t always as bad as their reputation might suggest, Boston drivers specifically are highly unpredictable. Storrow Drive is also a nightmare, but it’s more the unpredictability of others on the road and the old-style, narrow streets that make it difficult.

    I agree about ones like Phoenix, and Vegas (although the road on the south side of town gets confusing with its 4-designation concurrency).

  2. It’s also worth noting, that the Colorado River is also in California. The state line runs down the middle. So, even as someone who lives in Arizona, I can’t say that the water is taken “from the river in Arizona” because I live just upstream from the CAP & Colorado Aqueduct pump houses (for central Arizona and Southern California respectively) and the California intakes are in California water (granted, also federal water, but not Arizona water) on the California side. California has the most senior water rights, so legally it’s far from “stolen.” But the CRC does need to be renegotiated on all sides.

  3. You make excellent points, I stand corrected. Thank you for clarification and insights. I just figured if the roads are clogged there, most people would take public transportation, which is far more developed than out west.

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